The “B” Word .... BOTOX
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The “B” word


Today I’m going to give you some invaluable advice, but beware, I’m going to use the “B” word. For the faint of heart you might want to brace yourself because I’m going to say it over and over again. Why, you ask? Because IT is the best thing out there to stave off the signs of aging. Confused? Well not for long, because today I’m going to talk to you honestly about my favourite thing BOTOX.

Over the years I’ve seen a shift in knowledge and, therefore, concerns about botox, but there are still so many people who come through our office doors with misinformation that I want to try and educate as many of you as I can.

Lets think about your face as a classic car. I like to wishfully think about myself as a 1965 mustang. After years of wear and tear and exposure to the elements, a classic car can be restored with some expert care to its former glory. So that although it doesn’t look like a NEW car, it looks like an awesome version of itself, shiny and eye catching, BUT it is still a 1965 mustang. Now, in the anti-aging industry we want to restore you to that classic car state, we don’t really want you to be a 2013 model of yourself, but that is a conversation for another time…. Anyway, once you have your newly restored car, you want to keep it in tip top shape, so you store it inside and only drive it on sunny warm days so that it isn’t destroyed by the elements. If you are following me then you can see that THIS is what botox does. You look great for the age that you are. You may have a little wear and tear that we can help you improve and then botox keeps you looking great by decreasing the wear and tear on your face by putting muscles that stress the skin at rest. Of course the best situation is to start using botox before you need that repair work done, but it is almost never too late.

Botox works by being injected into a muscle and causing the muscle to stay still so that the skin is not wrinkling. This results in less wear and tear so that the skin will age less rapidly. It causes less pulling on muscles so that there is lifting and spreading, resulting in a more youthful look. It decreases muscle bulk so that the masculinization we see with aging is reduced and stops the undesired movement, such as scowling, from occurring.

Some people worry about having unnatural, uneven or unattractive results. What I say is, Get your botox (and all other cosmetic work) done by an experienced, busy professional to ensure you get a great look. Don’t get your botox done by someone who is offering a discount. Good jobs are done by busy practitioners who don’t need to offer their services at discounted prices on dealfind and groupon. There are certain things you don’t want to buy on sale. Save money on paper towels and orange juice when they are on sale but pay full price for dental work, brake jobs and cosmetic work among other things. I think you know what I mean. You can tell the classic car that was restored in the high school auto body class and the one done by the experienced professional….back to the classic car analogy again.

So, now is the time to start getting that old mustang into tip top shape so that you can be ready to turn heads when the spring and sun arrive. It will be sooner than you think, so come in and see us today!

Visit our Botox page for more information.

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