The Solution to A Good Night’s Sleep | Nightlase Snoring Treatment
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The Solution to A Good Night’s Sleep


Do you remember when you dreamed of finding true love and made lists of the assets of an ideal partner? Romantic, witty, adventurer, attractive, successful? Fast-forward twenty years, a couple of kids and a minivan later, has your list changed? How would you advise a young couple about the things that should be deal breakers for them?

Snoring would top my list, and the list of many people I know! There is not enough romance in the air to make it worth spending an eternity sleeping beside someone who makes the windows rattle with their snoring. I have friends who can barely stay awake during the day for lack of sleep due to a snoring partner, and many who can’t share a bedroom or even the floor of the house with their spouse.

Snoring is a major point of contention among couples, but it also impacts the person who snores. Snoring is known to cause a decreased quality of sleep which can impact health and quality of life. Snorers often complain of daytime tiredness, headaches and irritability and there has even been a connection found between snoring and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

At Image we are very excited to now be offering people a solution to sleepless nights! Nightlase™  is a non surgical laser treatment which comfortably treats the problem of skin laxity, which is often at the root of problem snoring. Snoring occurs as a result of air turbulence while breathing, at the junction between the mouth and the throat. Although sinus and nasal problems, obesity, alcohol and sleep position can cause snoring, laxity of tissue at the back of the throat due to age, or airway shape, can contribute to or cause snoring problems. NightlaseTM targets tissue laxity and painlessly remodels and tightens the problem area to reduce snoring dramatically in most candidates. Treatments take 20- 30 minutes and have no downtime. Three treatments spaced over six weeks are usually required. We have seen impressive results with this technology and look forward to offering it now to our patients.

So put away those earplugs and extra pillows and bring yourself or your loved one in for a free consultation. You can read more about Nightlase™ by clicking here or call us for further information. We look forward to helping you have a better night’s rest!