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Short, sparse and thin lashes have finally met their match. Put away the mascara and those fake eyelashes, LATISSE® is here! It’s the first and only FDA and Health Canada approved medical treatment designed for eyelashes that are inadequate and not enough (this medical condition is known as hypotrichosis). Clinically researched and tested, LATISSE® is a specially formulated solution that targets the growing cycle of the eyelashes, making them longer, more numerous, thicker and darker. It is available only through prescription.

How LATISSE® Works

Bimatroprost is the active ingredient in LATISSE®. Bimatropost is a synthetic prostaglandin that is used to treat glaucoma (under the trade name LUMIGAN®). When patients were treated with LUMIGAN®, physicians found that not only did it effectively correct the incidence of glaucoma, a side effect was the growth of lusher and darker eyelashes – and thus LATISSE® was born.

Bimatroprost has been found to prolong the length of the active growing cycle of a hair follicle (known as the anagen phase) as well as the number of hairs growing.

How You Use It

Use LATISSE® once a day before you go to bed. Remove contact lenses (if any) and cleanse the eye first. Topically apply to the base of the upper eyelashes only, using the applicators included. Remove excess solution by gently blotting with tissue, as hair growth can result in areas that are consistently exposed to the solution. Follow instructions closely to minimize the incidence of side effects. After the solution has been absorbed and the skin is dry, contact lenses may be reinserted. It is fairly simple to apply.

While you may notice a remarkable difference after just a few weeks, the full results are achieved after 16 weeks of consistent use. Because every hair on our body eventually sheds after a specific period of time, you’ll have to continue applying as directed to affect new growth and maintain results.

Common side effects reported include itchy and dry eyes, hair growth in other areas where LATISSE® may have come into consistent contact, an increase in brown pigmentation of the iris, and darkening of the eyelid skin. The product may not be appropriate for individuals with eye pressure problems and may not treat individuals suffering from alopecia areata.

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