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Spider Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure where a sugar and salt solution is injected into unsightly veins on the legs to irritate the lining and cause the vein to swell and stick together and the blood to clot. Over a period of weeks the vessels will fade or disappear. Although a single injection can clear an entire patch of interconnected vessels, several treatments may be necessary to help your legs look their best.

Spider veins are small superficial blood vessels that appear red or blue in the skin. These dilated blood vessels may be short, unconnected lines, each about the size of a large hair, or connected in a “sunburst” pattern. They may look like a spider web or a tree with branches. Spider veins can occur in a small area where they are not very noticeable, or they can cover a large area of the skin and be very unattractive.

Side effects of sclerotherapy can include stinging or pain at the sites of injections; red, raised areas at the sites of injection; brown lines or spots on the skin at the sites of treated blood vessels; temporary bruises; lumps in injected vessels; and development of groups of fine red blood vessels near the sites of injection of larger vessels. Sclerotherapy for spider veins is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by OHIP.

What are spider veins?

Veins carry used blood to the heart through one-way valve systems. When there is a weakness in the vein wall or a faulty valve, the valve stretches and no longer closes properly. The veins become filled with blood that can’t flow normally, causing pain, swelling, discoloration, sores that won’t heal, blood clots and other problems. Spider veins are small superficial blood vessels that appear purple, red or blue in color. They commonly occur on the legs, but frequently occur on the face or elsewhere on the body. These dilated blood vessels, each about the size of a large hair, may be short, unconnected lines or connected in a matted, “sunburst” pattern. They may also look like a spider web or a tree with branches. They may occur in a small area or they can cover a large area of skin and can be considered cosmetically displeasing. Larger dilated blood vessels called varicose veins may be raised above the skin surface. They may occur along with spider veins. There may be discomfort, ranging from a dull throbbing pain to a burning sensation. The larger vessels are more likely to cause discomfort. Spider veins won’t disappear on their own though Sclerotherapy treatment is available to cause them to disappear or become much smaller.

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