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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Spring is here and with it comes the dreaded task of donning those shorts and bikinis and gazing with awe at just how hairy a human can become under the protection of our winter wardrobe. What to do… wax? shave? Well, it isn’t too late to start laser hair removal for a permanent solution to your hair removal woes. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to permanently reduce hair from almost any part of the body.

Laser hair removal works by using a laser that is attracted to the pigment in hair. The base of the hair, known as the follicle, is very rich in colour and is the source of new hair growth. By delivering energy to the follicle when it is in its growing stage, it is possible to permanently disable the hair, causing it to die.

Hair cycles through different stages, such as rest stages and active growing stages. When the hair is in the active stage, it is particularly sensitive to the laser, and this is when it can be permanently disabled. The amount of your hair which is in the active stage of growth varies according to time of the growth cycle and body part, but approximately 15 to 30 percent of your hair is actively growing at any given time.

Keeping this information in mind, it helps to understand why we need repeated treatments to eliminate the majority of unwanted hair. At best, you can target 30% of your hair with each laser hair removal treatment, so the average person is going to need about 4 to 6 treatments to remove unwanted hair.

If you are wondering if you are a candidate for laser hair removal, bear this in mind. The ideal candidate has dark coarse hair and light skin, but almost any skin type can be treated, as long as the hair colour is darker than the skin colour. The darker the skin and lighter and finer the hair, the more treatments which may be necessary to achieve the results you are looking for.

Here are some pearls about laser hair removal you might like to know:

  • Pain is a common complaint in laser hair removal. Although it is easy for me to say I’d do it all over again to be hair free, it hurts, so consider using topical numbing creams to ease the discomfort.
  • Almost any body part can be lasered, with the exception of the eye area. Growing in popularity is the female and male full bikini and male underarms. Chances are, if you feel shy talking about an area of unwanted hair, we’ve already lasered it off of lots of other people.
  • Spring is actually a great time to start laser hair removal. Although lasering tanned skin is unadvisable, well-timed appointments can leave you hair free for most of the summer without having to forgo the summer sun.
  • Laser hair removal is affordable. When you consider the cost and time involved in shaving and waxing over a lifetime, investing in hair removal now will save you time, money and embarrassment in years to come.
  • Laser hair removal is permanent. Done by an experienced professional with proper training in the physics of the laser, laser hair removal can result in permanent reduction in hair follicles. Although you may make some new hair over the course of your life time requiring some touch up, the majority of people will be thrilled with their results permanently.
  • Not all lasers are created equally. The physical properties of the laser will determine which are the ideal skin and hair types which are best treated by the laser. Also, the power of the laser is an important factor in determining how effective the laser will be in eliminating unwanted hair. Some lasers lack the power to deliver enough energy to effectively disable hair follicles, which will lead to eventual return of hair. Unfortunately, the hair may be finer and lighter and more difficult to treat.
  • Not all laser technicians are created equally. Many technicians lack the training and experience to effectively treat hair, resulting in one of two problems. Firstly, under treating hair will result in ineffective treatments and hair regrowth which is finer and lighter and more difficult to rid of. Secondly, over treatment can lead to burns, which can be serious and leave permanent scars.

At  Image Anti-aging and Laser Clinic, we offer quality medical care at affordable prices. Our lasers are operated by fully qualified medical staff with the experience to give you safe and effective care. Our medical grade lasers are the gold standard by which other lasers are measured. If you think that laser hair removal is of interest to you, now is the time to make an appointment for a free consultation to explore your options. Smooth, hair free skin is within your reach! Start your summer off right with laser hair removal at Image Anti-aging and Laser Clinic.

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