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Laser Hair Removal – FAQ

What happens during the hair removal treatment?

The area of your skin that is to be treated will be washed, and then scanned with laser light using the lightsheer duet. Treatment time will depend upon the area to be treated. The technician will offer a cold roller to remove any unwanted heat; however the New Lightsheer Duet generally offers painless, fast hair removal.

What should I expect after treatment?

Some pinkness may be present in the area that has been treated; however this usually subsides within a few hours. For some patients recovery time will be longer with prolonged redness or swelling to the area. We recommend following our post treatment instructions, keeping the treated area cool for the next 24 hours, no hot water to the area, use of 30 SPF sunscreen or higher, and avoid any harsh irritating products to the treated area.

Is treatment permanent?

On average, each laser treatment will be associated with some permanent hair loss. In most cases hair removal can only be achieved after several treatments. The number of treatments will depend on each patient’s individual response to laser and the amount of hair to be removed. The goal is not total hair removal, but many patients are happy with a reasonable degree of hair reduction. The hair that remains is often much lighter and thinner than the original hair prior to laser treatments. As with other treatments for unwanted hair, there is no guarantee that laser hair removal treatment will be permanent.

How many treatments will I need?

You will need to be treated 6-8 times at approximately 4-6 week intervals. There are three phases of hair growth- anagen, catagen and teleogen. Only hairs in the active growth, anagen, can be successfully treated.


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