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Venus Freeze

Sometimes we feel bombarded with choices on what to offer you, our clients. The anti-aging industry has so many procedures and products available to us, all of them competing to be the best that money can buy.
 At Image, we strive to offer you non-surgical...


Today I’m going to give you some invaluable advice, but beware, I’m going to use the “B” word. For the faint of heart you might want to brace yourself because I’m going to say it over and over again. Why, you ask? Because IT is...


Ahhh summer is upon us!! As we emerge from the depths of winter in Canada to bask in the long awaited rays of sunshine, we are once again are forced to ask ourselves “protect or not to protect?” Well folks, I hate to tell you, but that shouldn’t be the question. As the ozone layer gets widdled down to nothing, we should all be using sun protection. The real question is which one, and how much?

In our society, flawless skin equals health and beauty. Despite their best efforts to maintain healthy lifestyles many Canadians of all ages find themselves battling with acne. This leaves them puzzled and dismayed about what causes and cures this problem. Acne is the most common skin disorder affecting millions of people in Canada. It typically affects adolescents and young adults, but some people are still dealing with this problem into their forties and fifties.

Laser Hair Removal

Spring is here and with it comes the dreaded task of donning those shorts and bikinis and gazing with awe at just how hairy a human can become under the protection of our winter wardrobe. What to do… wax? shave? Well, it isn’t too late to start laser hair removal for a permanent solution to your hair removal woes. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to permanently reduce hair from almost any part of the body.