Celazome Sun Care and Eye Care ProductsPamper the most delicate skin and defy the signs of aging with Celazome’s eye products.  Protect and maintain a beautiful complexion with everyday defense against sun damage with Celazome's sun care products.

Eye TreatCelazome Eye Treat

  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles while lifting sagging areas
  • Brightens and decongests eye area
  • High potency peptides reverse and corrects aging effects of the skin
  • Formulated for mature or premature skin around the eyes
  • Formulated for those seeking preventative skin care around the eyes

Moisturizing Sunscreen Spf 30Celazome Moisturizing Sunscreen Spf 30

  • Broad spectrum protection. Offers UVA II and UVB protection.
  • PABA- and fragrance-free, non-greasy formula
  • Suitable for all skin types

One Application Lasts ALL DAY!

Moisturizing while protecting the skin from sun damage, Celazome SPF 30 delivers long lasting hydration into the skin while guaranteeing all day, broad spectrum UVA II and UVB protection. 

Non-comoedogenic, PABA free and fragrance free, our SPF 30 works fast and absorbs into the skin utilizing our proprietary Lyphazome nanotechnology. 

Providing 30 times skin’s natural protection, our noncomedogenic, 8 hour water proof/ sweat proof protection backed by our signature Celazome guarantee.

Moisturizing Sunscreen Spf 29Celazome Moisturizing Sunscreen Spf 29

NEW and Improved Formula!  Meets the most rigorous guidelines for UV-blocking products!

  • All Day- rub-proof and sweat-proof, Celazome SPF 29 delivers both unparalleled protection and long-lasting hydration.
  • Found UVA photo stable by Australian standards, our sun block protects against the entire UVA spectrum and offers UVB protection.
  • PABA- and fragrance-free, this formula is greaseless, leaving skin clean and smooth.

Inside TanCelazome Inside Tan

Provides a silky tan without the sun!

This product is formulated for all skin types.

More than a sunless tanner, Inside Tan™ is a moisturizer with sunless tanning benefits. A "2-in-1" formula delivers moisturizers and tanning agents deep into the skin and away from daily surface exfoliation, while time-released ingredients continually renew your golden glow. This hydrating formula means there's no more dryness or flaking, just silky, moisturized skin.


For more detailed information on these products please call Image at 519-438-5551 or visit  www.celazome.ca.